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ELEKTRO-PROJEKT: electrical installations for home and industry application, switching stations and earthing systems, overvoltage protection.

The company was established in 1994 in Poznañ, Poland. During the first years of operations we provided minor electrical services. However, soon afterwards we began to broaden our scope of operation and entered the overvoltage protection industry, which at that time was still unknown in Poland. Since the beginning of our business operations we have been cooperating – as a distributor and representative – with renowned producers of the electrical power engineering industry such as DISAN, SCHRACK, and DEHN. Caring about the quality of our services as well as the quality of materials used by us for production has always been of high priority. When choosing materials for production, we also pay thought to ecological issues. As a result, the size of our customer base has increased and the failure frequency of our systems has come down to nearly zero. The trust we have gained in our customers has made Elektro-Projekt one of the leaders among private electrical power engineering companies. Today, we belong to only a few companies in Wielkopolska, offering a whole range of services in the industry.

[Company credentials] The satisfaction of our customers in regards to both the quality of work and reasonable prices is our primary goal. We are continuously broadening the scope of our services and developing the professional skills of our employees. As a result we enjoy a growing confidence among our customers, which can be verified when looking at our credentials and recommendations. Our dynamic development would not have been possible without the support of our customers. All earned assets were invested in the development of our Company. That is how we secured a strong position on the market and laid a stable foundation for further development of the company.

Our employees are highly qualified specialists who actively participate in and influence the development of the Company. The high quality of our services is maintained thanks to continuous training programs. Please refer to Certificates for our professional qualifications. All of our employees have SEP operation licenses (1 to 15 kV), some for supervision, measurements, building permits and other qualifications required for providing electrical power engineering services. Because it occasionally happens that work needs to be carried out under water or in difficult terrain, we have employees who are certified divers and certified alpinists for high altitude work. At the moment, our employees are being trained to pilot planes for the purposes of the Emergency Air Service.

[The architectural Design of the new Company main branch] Our plans for the next few months are as follows: putting into operation Emergency Electrical Engineering Service for Poznañ and the surrounding areas, as well as Emergency Air Service, the task of which is to provide services to companies located further away (for this purpose we have bought a Cora plane which has been modernized to suit our needs) and completing the construction of the company summer resort for our employees, including the construction of hangar, stable and swimming pool.